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Robbers forced to surrender after IGP and his boys proved they have what it takes to take them down

Robbers have surrendered to the police and have saved their lives after the police proved to them that they are armed and ready to take them down at all cost.

Armed robbers over the past few years have wrestled with police and have killed so many police officers in gun fights.

These police officers have lost their lives painfully and have not been able to counter on few occasions because it is surprising seeing some of the weapons these robbers posses.

The IGP since he assumed office and gained power in the security sector has made the police force powerful and fearless and this is something to applaud him for.

At Sowutuom this afternoon, two robbers who had robbed a few house were chased by the police. According to reports, they were been chased from Dontwe round about and followed to the outskirts of the town.

These robbers allegedly surrendered in fear of their lives after they realized the weapons and arms of the police force.

They couldn’t outrun Dampare’s boys and surrendered to them and have been taken into custody.

The robbers were reported by citizens who had realized these robberies have been taking place mostly in the afternoon.

Robbers have allegedly begun stealing or robbing people in the afternoon because at night, people are security cautious and feel there is the need to be extra careful of them.

However, daylight robberies where guns are pointed at the faces of these innocent victims are the least of the things people expect from the robbers.

As a result, you can be home in the afternoon and be robbed and will face this alone because of the notion that robberies mostly occur at night.

Thanks to the competence of the police, the suspects, Nicholas Nokalawi and Douglas Asuman popularly known as the mask have all been taken into custody.

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