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Road Accident

How to work safely and get back to your family

I always say accidents do not just happen, they are caused. It is someone not doing something right.

To throw more light on why accidents happened, let's look at what causes work-related injures or accidents.

Two things that causes work injuries or accidents, it's either an unsafe act from the worker or an unsafe condition.

Unsafe act is a practice by a worker that is not in line with the work practices, for example worker using a cutting machine(angle grinder) with out putting on any eye protection, worker working at height with out any fall protection system. These are all example of unsafe acts that can lead to injury at the work side.

Unsafe conditions are situations at the working environment that is not safe to work in, example is wet or slippery working platforms, defected tools and others.

So it is right for every worker to understand how to work safely at work and return back to his or her families after work.

There are several things we need to learn on how to always come up safe from the jobs that we do.

I will like you to stick to my page and enjoy all the tips I will be giving here on working safely.

Follow me up and enjoy reading...

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