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Snitch on the criminals in your community - NCCE boss advises

A call has gone to everybody to be bold to flag up violent criminals to the security agencies to help keep Ghana safe and stable.

Omar Jafaru Alsadiq, the Bolgatanta Municipal Director of the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE), said the people needed to give useful leads to the police to enable them to stay ahead of those, out there, to cause trouble, hurt, terrorize and to make the society insecure.

All should have space and accept to share in the responsibility of fighting crime.

The crime fight should not be left exclusively to the police and other security agencies alone.

Omar Alsadiq was speaking at a forum held In Bolgatanga with the goal of helping the youth in the municipality to say no to extremism.

This was under the "Preventing Violence and providing Security to the Northern Border Regions of Ghana Project", being spearheaded by the NCCE with support from the European Union (EU).

It is a response to the surge in jihadist activities in some neighbouring West African countries including Nigeria, Niger, Mali and Burkina Faso.

The NCCE has upped its nationwide youth education campaign to aid the young people to refuse to be radicalized - reject any extremist ideologies.

Many young people in Africa are increasingly becoming vulnerable to the Islamic jihadists because of their frustration by the combined factors of spiralling unemployment and poverty.

The twin evil of unemployment and poverty is what has been driving many of the continent's youth to make the perilous journey across the Sahara desert to Europe to seek for better lives. Omar Alsadig said it was in the interest of everybody to safeguard the country's peace and security.

The NCCE Municipal Director encouraged the youth to remain vigilant to protect the peace and security of their communities.

They should form neighbourhood watch committees to ward off criminal elements.

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Bolgatanga NCCE National Commission for Civic Northern Border Regions Omar Jafaru Alsadiq


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