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Road Accident

My Bitter Experience With a Police Patrol Team

On my way to Accra from Dawhenya this dawn, I experienced a flat tyre about a metre away from where a police patrol team’s vehicle was parked at TT Brothers, just before the traffic light; checking on-coming vehicles. I was excited upon seeing them because I thought that meant automatic help for me. I managed to safely pack at the left shoulder of the road and got to work at changing and replacing the damaged tyre with the spare one in the car.

I watched from the corner of my left eye how they all pretended there was nothing happening. I didn't want them want them to necessarily come and help me change the tyre but a simple gesture of care, “Oh, are you okay?” was all I needed. There were times within the 20 minutes I spend changing the tyre that I thought one of the 4 of them was approaching me but I was wrong.

Annoyingly, just when I finished and joined the road, I was signaled to to stop and then one of them asked, “Young man, where are you going?”. I had to control myself else the response that would have come out of my mouth would have landed me into trouble. I remained calm and applied myself to all their ‘orders and instructions’.

I have always been an advocate and a strong defender of the police force because of the precarious nature of their duty of protecting lives and properties. However today's incidence has made me question which lives they are really protecting, whether it is the lives of a selected few or it is the lives of everybody? God help those of us who can't afford police protection and care.

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Accra Dawhenya


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