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The structure of the road before he used his own money to construct the road

What he did is remarkable. Inhabitants at the North Celebrity Hill, Lashibi MF-Estate won't ever quit referencing his name. 

Donor and a finance manager, Mr. Atta Frimpong, who bargains in vehicles of assorted types developed a 2 kilometer street at the North Celebrity Hill, Lashibi MF-Estate in the Greater Accra Region. 

He is the Chief Executive Officer(CEO) of Rounor Motors Limited. 

He clarified the chaotic circumstance he needed to go through prior to finishing the street development. He expressed that he went for grant from the Authorities in charged and employed individuals who we master in street development to help all the while. 

After the development was through, he expressed unequivocally that he did it truly and had no aim composing a name for himself. 

Mr. Frimpong said, "...I am not taking any cash from government". He clarified that he did what he did following the President's reporting this year as "the time of street". 

As per him he was naturally inspired in the wake of seeing the condition of the street and that why he had the option to through every one of the works in the culmination of the task without surrendering. 

He clarified that he doesn't have excessively yet he did it with the little he had as he felt that the matter was one that necessary desperation. 

The street previously. 

He additionally denied all claimed blames for having political aspirations following his exceptional task. 

"I'm a financial specialist and might want to stay that. 

"I'm a Ghanaian and I have a decent heart for the I travel outside, I see different nations and I need my nation to look lovely. 

He likewise asked different donors to draw in themselves in any ways that could be available to help the improvement of the country. "it takes two to be fruitful". 

"I need this to provoke others to do more..." 

The following are some photographs of him and the task;

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Atta Frimpong Frimpong Greater Accra Lashibi North Celebrity Hill


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