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Is This Right Or Wrong? Check Out How A Boss Is Treating Her Worker That Has Sparked Arguments Online

A life they say is not an easy journey but sometimes what some people go through is so unbearable and sad. Looking at the picture below, a woman with a baby strapped at her back has been instructed by her boss to get inside a gutter and clean it. The problem is not with the cleaning of the gutter but with the little child at her back.

The Madam (boss) stands there aloof as she watches the employee diligently with one hand on her waist. The question some Ghanaians are asking is; Can't this woman collect the baby from her employee so that she can do the job without struggling?

Others were saying that there is nothing wrong with what is happening in the picture below because some babies will not like to be with anyone except their mother in public places. But looking at the baby carefully, he/she seems to be sleeping very deep so the best thing the boss can do is to collect this baby so that the employee can do the work well.

Check the location well, it seems to be a food joint that the woman with a child is helping the woman standing is selling her food so that she can get some to feed her family. Some Ghanaians were also asking for the whereabouts of the father of the child. The question is: Will you allow your wife or mother to work under this condition and why?

Check out some reactions from some Ghanaians below:

A Facebook user known as Kobby Abrahams reacted that "And some people will say money is not everything. Masa delete that mindset and start working to earn a living"

Another Facebook user known as Yaw Asare said that "Her boss is even allowing her to bring the kid to work and no one is talking about that favor".

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