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We do not mind if they even arrest us- People react after seeing extremely beautiful policewomen

The police are the friends of the citizens of a particular country. The Ghana Police Service is an institution which has been with Ghanaians for a very long time. Protecting the citizens and making sure there is no panic in the country has been their core mandate and I'm glad they are exhibiting it to perfection. Mostly, when we talk about the Ghana Police, what gets pictured in the minds of most people is a stout and energetic looking man in a black uniform holding a gun.

Well, this is not always so. Women empowerment has seen the emergence of female police officers over the past years and I'm glad they are working perfectly just as expected. Indeed, what men can do, women can do and even do it better. Women are like pearls and their appearance just gives you a different vibe as compared to men.

Some Ghanaian policewomen have been the talk in town right after images of them went viral. Looking at their appearance in those pictures, you will be made to believe that perfection really exists. These policewomen just look perfect in the provided black uniforms and there is no debate about it.

The admiration people gave these pictures saw them going too far than expected. Many people, especially the guys proposed a "theory" which I find very funny. They claim that they never care if these women arrest them. "Even if they arrest me, I will be happy" is the statement most guys are making after they got to see these ravishing pictures.

I do know they don't mean such words because it will be very lame going to prison just because you want to see a particular policewoman each and every day. I do know that beauty propelled them to make such statements. They got dazzled by the shining light which their beauty emanated but that isn't my worry.

There are many equally beautiful women out there who can make life comfortable for these men without they even thinking about going into prison, so why would they leave such women and wish they get arrested by these policewomen? Is there something I am missing over here? What is really happening? You can kindly let me know what you think is the cause of such ideas in the comment section.

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