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Check Out What Prisoners Call The Various “Sleeping Arrangements” In The Cells. Very Sad

Out of the required number of prison occupancy in Ghana per United Nations regulations, Ghana exceeds the number thirteen thousand (13,000) persons.

It is important to also mention that the number goes up everyday even though some inmates also get their freedom everyday.

Prisons are meant to reform people but in most prisons in Ghana, the story appears to be opposite because the conditions and situations makes it almost impossible.

Each prisoner in Ghana feeds on 1.80 Ghs a day and it is woefully inadequate to say the least. Food and shelter in most prisons in Ghana are not hi by to write home about.

What is even more shocking is how these prisoners sleep in the night.

Samson Lardi Anyenini, host of Newsfile on Joynews highlighted on the plight of some prisoners today, December 18, 2021, as part of efforts to offer support to prisoners in prisons across the country this Christmas.

It is shocking how they sleep during the night and interestingly, they have names for all the sleeping positions.

Issifu Musah, a cell leader, gave a breakdown of the names as follows:


This people are mostly positioned in the middle of the room and are arranged like “sardines in a tin” with no space between them. They sleep in the same position until they wake up the next day. Those people are mostly the new and strong ones.


In the extreme right of the room where the cell leader mostly sleeps, old and weak inmates are positioned there because of their condition.


With this style, inmates are made to squat in a position that appears like they are sitting in the bucket of a pickup truck. They are always positioned near the door and they squat in the same position till the door is opened the next day.


These people are those who have not spent more than four (4) years. They also sleep by the wall and remain in same position till the next day.

”Aba Fresh”

These are people who have not spent more than two (2) years in prison. They are made to sleep under the beds of the cell leaders. Under three (3) beds in the cell, about 18 people stuck themselves there to sleep.

As for the beds in the cells, the only people who sleep there are the cell leaders, peace makers and cleaner (s) in the cell.

Ghana’s prisons needs huge transformations to truly make our prisoners reform else it poses a very dangerous threat to society.

Let us endeavor to put smiles on their faces this year in our own small way however possible because they too deserves love.

Share your views on the matter and share to create awareness.

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