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Man receives the shock of his life after he went to buy an iPhone X from the market

A young Ghanaian man has literally been given the bricks to lay the foundation of his life after he fell victim to a fraud on this sunny afternoon. This moment has been a teary one for him as what he never fathomed happened to him in grand style. His finances has had a drastic decline, his emotions have been elevated and his tears cannot stop rolling down his cheeks.

Wonder what would put a man through all these? This guy has been duped by fraudsters after he tried doing business with them. I am sure most of you over here are familiar with such incidences. You go to town to buy a phone which is of course not in a store and end up taking home what you never expected.

There are some guys in places like PZ in Kumasi and Circle in Accra and these guys are always holding many phones. They just won't let you walk in peace when you get to pass by. They will always try to convince you to do business with them even if you are not ready. Guess what?

Immediately when you try doing business with them either by swapping phones or buying a new one, you stand a high risk of taking home an unwanted item. I don't know how they are able to change the items they give us in a short period of time without us seeing it but they manage to always change it each and everyday. They are really experts in cheating the public.

The will dupe you till you can no more think straight. This is the same thing that has happened to this man. Whenever you hear a victim narrate a story of how it all happened, you tend to disrespect them by questioning their integrity till you also experience the same or a similar act. This guy went to get an iPhone X after adding some money to the phone he was using and this is what they give him

Normally we hear cases of people being given soaps when they go for phone swapping. That is quite negative but at least, there is a positive associated with it. After all the pain, you can just take the soap and use it for one or two things. This guy's own is quite a sad one because there is not a single positive which can be generated from his experience. Looking at the picture below, you could see that he was given a brick.

How could he even move around with such a heavy phone without suspecting that there was something fishy going on. He could have bathed with the soap if he was given one but unluckily, he was given bricks. Well, maybe they want him to use it as a foundation on which he will bring the broken pieces together

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