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16 Year Old Girl Who Beat Up Her Classmate And Tore Her Panties Sentenced To Prison

Bullying in schools is a common problem, but it doesn't have to be! Having a large circle of friends tends to reduce the likelihood of a child being bullied.

Bullying has become a hot topic around the world and a major problem among teens.

teenagers that can have devastating and long-term effects. Bullying is a serious health issue, not just a harmless part of growing up. You can learn to take action to stop this type of behavior.

After her failure to appear in court, a young girl who had publicly assaulted her classmate and disgraced her was sentenced to jail.

You can recall how the 16-year-old student in a virus video that took place last September assaulted and disgraced her classmate. After that, at Mahlabathini Police Station the assaulted girl's family brought an action against her.

Since she was 16 years old she had been warned and released under the promised custody of her mother. She was also charged with abduction.

She was however planned to appear before the court on 23 February 2021 and could not appear.

The case was then postponed until 9 March and inquiries were conducted into why it could not appear in court.

After she failed to explain why she didn't appear in the court, she was found guilty of three months of imprisonment.

Currently, when she is currently served in jail she will appear in court to judge the attack on 31 March. The sixteen-year-old girl was named the eleven-year-old.

It is a punitive offense that a person is absent from court in an ongoing case. The 16-year-old girl unfortunately spent some time in prison thinking what she did.

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