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'He was crying, she still didn't stop' - Mother, 27, charged with suffocating her one-year-old baby

'He was crying, she still didn't stop and kept pushing and pushing till the boy stopped crying. She thought he had slept and found out he wasn't responding when she turned him to bathe his face, Eyewitness Richmond Mensah told the Suhum Omenako Police service this morning. Richmond, a co-tenant with Akosua Boahemaa, told the police, Akosua may have had no idea her son was suffering when she kept dragging him into the pan filled with water. Akosua Boahemaa, the mother of the one-year-old, had placed a steel bowl filled with bathing water beneath her and kept dipping the baby in the bowl to cool his body temperature.

Akosua with traditional baby bath training from her grandmothers, thought she was bathing her baby but had no idea she was suffocating him when the baby kept crying. Mensah, preparing for work, came outside when the cries of the baby became a burden to his ears. Sister Ako, is enough, Mensah stated to Akosua Boahemaa before returning to his room. 

Mensah was in his room when Akosua started shouting for help, and that was when the baby had collapsed from difficulty in breathing. Mensah took the one-year-old and with his masculine strength, run the over 900metre distance from their house to the Omenako Community clinic but it was too late save the baby. 

Health Officials at Omenako clinic did all they could before pushing for referral to the Suhum Government Hospital where the One-year-old Boateng Ohene Jackson was pronounced dead. Doctors at Suhum hospital alerted the police when the report from Mensah incriminated Akosua Boahemaa on the death of the one-year-old Jackson Ohene Boateng.

The police are still on the case as the mourning Akosua sits in cells for mistakenly causing the death of her baby. She might have had an idea, a crying baby is good. Many first time mothers, these days sees it as a sign of doing well if the child keeps crying during a bath as the traditional methods used in bathing these young ones has been communicated to have nothing wrong with babies crying at bath. 

It is an accident and we can't blame her but the right thing must be done to stop others from repeating same. When a child cries, it means two things; either it is hungry or suffering. Children like to sleep and play during their first three years after birth, and will never cry if its stomach is full or nothing is bothering them. Akosua should have checked why the boy was crying and could have learned that he was either hungry (which was not the case) or suffering (which was the case). 

If she had done that, she would have seen the baby was suffocating from water but lack of health education is always causing these problems, Nurse Dorothy Brempong, a midwife from Suhum Government hospital explained the death of the One-year-old Jackson Ohene Boateng.

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