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Theft robbery

CCTV footage shows moment when a thief was knocked down by a car after snatching a phone

The issues of robbery has been on the rise over the past years and it is very worrying when you come to the realization that thieves don't even take into consideration the time of the day they carry out their operations. At first, they only robbed people during the late evenings and also late in the night but these times has seen them exhibit much bravery.

I do not know if it is just bravery or stupidity. Why would you decide to take the items of a person in broad daylight knowing well that if caught, you are likely to be taken through much stress till the police arrives at the scene? Some people are really doing the most with this "job" they call robbery. They literally do nothing and watch others work hard to make a property only for them to forcefully take it all at the end. This is pure hate!!!

There is an adage which goes like, "Everyday for the thief, one day for the master". A thief has finally met his master after a CCTV footage showed what happened during his robbery.

He had seen a young lady on her phone at the corner of the road and decided to snatch the phone from her even though he knew somebody could be watching and it was in broad daylight.

Luckily for him, he was able to snatch the phone and escape but unluckily for him, a driver had seen the whole scene and decided to come to the rescue of the lady.

There was only one thing he could do so as to get the phone back to the lady. He had to smash the thief who was escaping on his bicycle with his car.

I want us to learn a lesson from this. The streets are now slippery and nothing is ever going to stop you from being robbed in the day time so we should all make it a point to be careful whenever moving around. Here is the link to the video

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