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Sad: Mother narrates how her husband sodomized their 4 months-old son.

A woman who is called Beatrice Annor has opened up on what her wedded husband has been doing to their 4 months old son. In an interview with Ante Anaa on Oyerepa FM's popular program which is called Abrabo, the woman disclosed that when she gave birth to their first son, she was very happy since she had been barren for 2 years after marriage. Her happiness suddenly turned into sorrow when her husband started sodomizing their first son when he was 4 months old. It became worst when he was 2 years since whenever i bath her, i will see sperms at my sons anus.

Beatrice Annor continued by saying that one day, her son told her when she was bathing him that his father always put his manhood at his anus and for that matter it confirmed the sperms she normally see when she was bathing her son. I caught my husband red handed one day sodomizing my son and i was surprise. Due to what my husband use to do to our child, there was always sores at his anus and for that matter i took him to the hospital. The Doctor told me to report it to the police but refused to do it since i had no one to take care of me then if my husband is arrested. My son is suffering since my husband hasn't stop sodomizing her and for that matter i want to report him to the police. Kindly leave your comments, share and follow us for more updates. Thank you.

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