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Man Designs Customized Police Coffin For A Deceased Officer.

According to popular belief, creativity governs the world and everything within it. In Ghana, there have been remarkable people who have demonstrated their creativity in a variety of professions all around the country. Since human beings sinned and fell short of the glory of the Lord, the coffin-making business has been one of the world's oldest occupations. I've never seen a narrative about the first man who built a coffin in all of history. Maybe I didn't read any further.

A customized rectangular coffin was used to bury an unidentified police officer in Ghana's Eastern region, rather than a conventional rectangular coffin.

The customized coffin is shaped like the official headwear that police officers wear on a regular basis.

I don't know much about police ranks, but based on what I do know, I can only assume that high-ranking cops wear this style of headgear. It was painstakingly made and sprayed with the genuine cap's black and white color scheme. This is excellent craftsmanship that deserves to be recognized.

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