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One of Axim dolphins has human like organ. See details in the photos.

It is reported that, one of the dolphins washed off shore has female like organ. According to a specialist, some fisheries does not lay eggs but conceive and birth the same as human.

He also added that, the fisheries that give birth also breastfeed their offsprings. This is not a strange thing to talk about, he added. It is almost three weeks when the shores of Axim discharges dead dolphins which got Ghanaians talking.

Chiefs, priests and priestess has visited the scene to appeal to the sea goddess to protect the aquatic life. Some of the protocols were also reported to have visit the site.

It is not clear what could be the cost of this unusual calamity. Most people have voiced out that, the dolphins died due to fish poisoning. Others has the view that, the dolphins are killed by the goddess of the sea.

Most of the dolphins were gathered by some fish mongers, but was later seized by Ghana police.

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