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Why Some People Die With Their Eyes Open.

People used to pluck the eyes out of people who died with their eyes open to rid villages of evil spirits, but if the person was unclean during their time on Earth, they will haunt the village and bad things will happen to the villagers.

People will die in mysterious ways; some will vanish and reappear years later, others will become permanently disabled, and some will even begin to commit evil acts. Just a few people would be able to say whether someone's heart was pure or impure.

It is said that seeing a dead person with their eyes open brings good luck, but only if you are the second person to see them. Your fortune shifts and you find yourself in the most beautiful positions you might ever imagine. Not only will you have more income, but you will also have better health, a happier family, good relationships, and much more. Your determination will bear fruit where you put it.

Most people believe that if they are observed, these dead people can still see, hear, and even move a little bit.

According to some scholars, the first person to see them with their eyes open would be visited by the deceased before their soul finds peace, but when it comes to children, they normally haunt the person they loved the most because they want to spend more time with them.

Some people say that if you have a pure spirit and look into the eyes of a deceased person, you will see into their future, even if the deceased isn't anyone you met.

This is likely one of the aspects that most people overlook. People ignore it and never give it much thought.

Seeing a dead person with their eyes open isn't always easy, and it doesn't always result in pleasant rewards, but there are some valid explanations for it.

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