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A 68-year-old lady locked me up in her house for 13 days and slept with me continuously- Man narrate

A young man named Brighton has narrated his story about how he fell into a trap that almost took his life. 

Brighton is a YouTuber. He said that one day he asked for help on social media if anyone could help him with his or her camera so he could make his YouTube videos. Luckily for him, he got a call from a lady from social media asking him to come over. She would buy him a camera and all the tools he needed to make his YouTube videos.

Brighton was very happy. He thought he had found a helper. When he got to the woman's house, the woman went inside and got a brand new camera, an iPhone, and money. She offered him all this and gave him the condition that if he slept with her, all would be his. 

Brighton rejected the offer, but the woman insisted that he come inside. When Brighton came inside, the woman offered him juice. Brighton drank the juice and passed out. When Brighton woke up, he was already in the woman's bed. 

Bright was imprisoned in her home for 13 days while she took advantage of him on two occasions.Brighton entertained her for 13 days, and Brighton could not make phone calls because the lady had gotten him a brand new iPhone. 

On the 13th day, the woman felt sick and Brighton escaped. That was how he managed to escape from the woman. Brighton advises people who intend to meet strangers or people they met on social media to do so in a public place, noting that they should never, for any reason, meet a stranger in their home because if luck was not on their side, they could have been dead, and anyone taking such a risk is risking their life.

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