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I observed people dancing nonstop because they were Michael Jackson followers on Earth.

This is the continuation of the story of Nayeli Gómez, a Brazilian woman who was brought to Hell by Jesus.

The devils questioned her, asking, "Do you believe the God you serve exists?" They slit her tongue when she replied yes because she was in the room where liars were tortured. They then escorted her to a different room.

There were men, boys, children, and women drinking there. They were continually drinking acid, and anytime they stopped, demons emerged and punished them severely for not continuing to consume acid. You women and men who go to parties to drink those liquors will go to Hell if you die without repenting. In Hell, you will never be able to quit sipping acid.

“The demons provided certain objects to certain persons in another room and gave them time to return those items to them,” she said. If they were unable to bring those objects after a certain period of time, the demons would chop their hands.

At the very least, they had to pack a rocket. They were not sent to steal on Earth; instead, they were forced to steal from Hell. This is due to the fact that those individuals were Earth's robbers. “Now, for those of you who have taken from your parents or neighbors, this is the retribution that Hell has in store for you,” she explained.

They escorted her away, taunting her by saying, "You will stay here." “You're coming here,” she shouted, “Lord, look at me.” Take a look at what they've done to me. Lord, consider the atrocities they've performed upon me. Please accept my heartfelt apologies. Why have You deserted me? Why have you abandoned me, Lord? ”

“There is yet more to see,” the Lord said. Then Jesus led her into a room where a young man was dancing incessantly. The Lord informed her about Michael Jackson. He said that he made a bargain with the devil while on Earth, which is how he ended up in Hell after death.

“The Lord led me out of that room and into another room where there was a large crowd dancing,” she added. “How do they know they're dancing?” I had a question. "They were Michael Jackson fans," the Lord stated.

"Do Michael Jackson aficionados come here?" I asked the Lord a question. “I leave your family's lives in your hands,” the Lord said. “Well, my cousin is a fan, but I don't want him to end up here,” she went on.

After that, the Lord led her to a separate room. A young lady was pouring stuff across her body. She thought she was applying perfume, but she was actually applying a liquid on her skin. She'd be appreciating a gorgeous perfume, but when she put it to her skin, she'd be scorched.

She said that perfume was her idol on Earth, and that as a result, she is now in Hell. Young females and young lads addicted to scent, you now know what kind of retribution awaits you in Hell. Please forward this content to others. In addition, click the + Subscribe button to be added to my mailing list for future updates.

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