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Question: Could This Be The End Times?

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Some recent occurrences have drawn my attention on certain facts which have been noted long ago. Citing these happenings in Ghana as an example, it just popped up in my head and I tend to ask myself “are we in the end times?”. You might want to know why this article of mine is about such a delicate topic. Well, I hope you bear with me after I met out these recurring signs that were being prophesied some time back.

First of all, the recent beheadings of our young ones is getting out of hand. Just within the last days of August, cases of young ones who have been mercilessly beheaded were quite many. It’s just recently that we got to know one wicked man had cut the body parts of children and refrigerated them. This was very shocking and it has been repeating itself each day till now. This gave me a hint about the signs of the end times.

Also, the worldwide disease which has caused hardship and recent deaths throughout the whole world is another sign. Corona Virus, though Ghana is now safe, is still overtaking other parts of the world. This virus has also been confirming what was being said in the Bible. It’s so unfortunate that it had to be our generation. This pandemic too signifies the second coming and I fear it’s too close.

Also, false prophets are now everywhere. I’m no one to judge but from the look of things, that’s how I will put it. Our television sets are being taken by mixed prophets and pastors. This was also stated in the Bible that in the end times, false prophets were going to be dominant and so it is now. This unveiling prophecy is becoming real every now and then.

There are other minor signs that we are in the end times. Pastor Jacob Berchie of Ezra TV made a similar comment about the end times as he was giving a sermon on his evening show. It’s now a sure thing that we are truly in the end times and there is the need to repent as soon as possible.

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