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Legon: UG Student falls from 4th floor of Mensah Sarbah Hall (Video)

The lamentable news that has arrived at our work areas enlists an understudy at the University of Ghana, Legon is dreaded dead in the wake of tumbling from the fourth Floor of the Mensah Sarbah Hall Annex A structure. 

As per a report by Radio Universe, a grounds based radio broadcast, the understudy (Wahab Abdulai) is accepted to be an unapproved inhabitant of the corridor. That is, he roosts a companion in the lobby. 

He is supposed to be a previous inhabitant of the corridor yet was as of now an unlawful occupant in the lobby since he was not enrolled as an inhabitant of the lobby. 

Wahab is accounted for to have bounced over apprehensions of being sacked by lobby specialists. 

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As per an onlooker report, the enlisted tenants of the room Wahab was roosting heard an uproarious beat on the entryway and thought it was corridor specialists who were chasing for unapproved. 

"The casualty was approached to stow away in the overhang until the expected watchmen leave. 

Out of nowhere, they heard a boisterous slamming sound and raced to perceive what had happened then they discovered the kid lying on the ground floor," the onlooker uncovered. 

The casualty has purportedly been conceded at the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital subsequent to getting medical aid therapy at the Legon Hospital. 

The episode supposedly occurred on Friday, April 23rd 2021 day break around 2: 00 am.

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