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Road Accident

VIDEO: Two Ghanaian Men Were Caught On Camera Arguing In A Car, And It Nearly Turned Into A Fight

It is said that old age comes with wisdom and understanding but what these two old men were recorded in doing beat the imagination of Ghanaian young men who were in the car. It's unclear what sparked the violent confrontation, but the old man closer to the camera was overheard telling the driver to speed up and stop the unnecessary stoppage on the road because he was in a hurry. It appears the driver was not picking passengers who are going to their exact destination and this made him angry.

The statement from this old man propelled the old man sitting at the back of this 'trotro' to reply to him with this comment, "What exactly do you want this driver to do for you? Over speed and kill innocent people?". The old man closer to the camera then said that "Stop making that foolish statement in the backseat of the car. Do you have any idea where I'm going?".

The insult angered the old man sitting in the backseat of the 'trotro,' and he responded with insults. In fact, some of the statements exchanged between these two Ghanaian elderly men are so profane that they are not appropriate for this platform. They were so enraged that they almost fought in the car. The old man sitting closer to the camera was overheard saying, "If you like let them alight here, you will see the kind of slapping you will receive from me. Foolish man".

The old man at the back seat of the car was also heard saying, "Look at this man, can you beat me? Let them alight us here and see". Some of the passengers in the car were overheard saying, "Driver, please alight them here. Let them get down and fight, they are disturbing our peace in this car".

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