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Natural disaster



Flooding is wreaking havoc on people lives as we begin a new month.

A flood occurs when water overflows its natural (or manmade) barriers and lands on typically dry ground. Floods have always been an unavoidable component of life on the planet. A legend about a huge flood exists in almost every civilization.

Many people have chosen to live near bodies of water in order to have access to transportation routes, fishing, and water for drinking, farming, and industry. The majority of the world's major cities are located on or near oceans, lakes, or rivers. River valleys are frequently home to the most fertile farmland and the most convenient railway and highway routes.

Living near water, on the other hand, makes you more vulnerable to flooding. Major floods can be devastating, killing and injuring thousands of people.

The early summer months of June to September are when West Africa and the southern Sahel receive the majority of their annual rainfall. This rainy season, also known as the West African monsoon, is marked by a seasonal reversal of prevailing winds in the lower atmosphere, allowing moist air from the Atlantic Ocean to be pushed in and discharged over the continent.

There are many regions in the country that face this natural disaster because of the overflowing of rivers, choked gutters and unauthorized building on river banks. To put it another way, whatever the reason, it is equally harmful. It has numerous negative repercussions. Flooding wreaks havoc on people's lives, and it takes a long time to recover from this tragedy.

As a result, flooding must be understood and preventative measures must be done.

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