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A Man Catches Wife With Another Man On His Matrimonial Bed.

When a man catches his wife or lover being smacked by another man, they become physical and dangerous monsters, and in some cases, the violence results in death.

Massive drama ensues as the husband catches his wife in bed with another man. In the afternoon during the day, the man caught the wife with his own eyes on his marriage bed. Another lady in the background said the man had been coming to the house frequently in the afternoons, according to the video.

The husband of the cheating woman stormed his marriage home after he got notice that his wife’s clandestine lover was in the house busy having an affair with his wife.

The husband used all kinds of weapons to discipline the man who he caught having an affair with his wife. The man was begging for mercy, but his endless pleas fell on deaf ears.

The video of the man being attacked, after he was caught cheating with another man’s wife, has gone viral.

The man (husband) says the guy was found with his wife and he wants to teach him a lesson. He said this while holding the hand of the alleged cheater, refusing to let him go.

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