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The Dogs Are Working: Dampare’s Sniffer Dogs Move Into Vehicles For Serious Hunt

One of the challenges of the Ghana Police Service is conducting thorough searches in almost every vehicle that uses the barriers. On a normal occasion, the vehicles and supposed to be searched thoroughly to avoid the passage of weapons, illegal drugs, and many others, but the officers at the barriers are unable to carry out all the activities.

In other countries, the police are equipped with sniffer dogs to assist in conducting serious searches of vehicles, homes, and other crimes scenes. Their sense of smell is very sensitive to the extent that they will be able to detect every hidden illegal substance.

This is exactly what the Ghana Police Command led by COP George Akuffo Dampare has introduced. A number of the sniffer dogs have been released into the system and some police officers are made to assist them to fish out criminals and other illegal substances. Soon after they were released, one of the dogs was captured moving into a vehicle to conduct a search.

The red Toyota vehicle with registration number GC 397-18 was directed to park at one of the residential areas in the capital and the driver was asked to alight. It was now time for the sniffer dog to use its senses to detect if there were any illegal substances in the vehicle. Two police officers from the K9 unit could be seen directing the dog to conduct the search.

The dog could be seen entering the vehicle whilst the police officers and the driver watch carefully. After brilliantly searching every single part of the vehicle, the sniffer dog did not detect any illegal substance and that proved the innocence of the driver. These are very sensitive dogs who can conduct several searches in the shortest possible time. The police administration should just ensure that a lot of them are dispatched to all the regions of the country to reduce crime and its related activities. It is believed that their presence alone will deter criminals from striking.

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