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Road Accident

Over-speeding And Overtaken Are Not The Cause Of Road Accident But Rather These Simple Things.

Road accident has become more rampant in Ghana especially on our highways. One may ask what are some of the things that contribute to these road accident on our highways?

We can never neglect these two things (over speeding and overtaken) that they don't contribute to road accident. Drivers resort to many means on the road when they want to reach their destination at a short possible time.

Overtaken is one of the ways drivers resort to when they want to reach their destination at short time on our highways. No authority has ordered drivers not to do overtaken on our highways but what I have seen is the inability of many drivers to do calculations or calculate the speed and distance between the moving car infront of him and also the the moving car heading towards him.

Over-speeding is also another cause of road accident on our motorways in Ghana. Many drivers on our roads don't read road signs such as speed limit, curves, bridge, sharp curves, no parking, and many more. These they do results in crashing another vehicle on the road due to the fact that he was not able to apply break because of over-speeding.

The two mentioned point are some of the causes of road accident but not the most ones among the causes of rodmad accident. Below are the ones I see to be the most cause of road accident on our highways in Ghana.

First of all the uses of Bluetooth speaker in some the cars on our highways. Entertainment is very essential in every human beings life on this Earth but it should have a limit in some circumstances. Why am I saying this? Most drivers on our roads get much concerned about these Bluetooth device when they are driving. We all know that Driving is one of the activities in human life that needs much attention.

Most drivers who have these devices in their car are always found of using their one hand to steer the car while the other hand is controlling the control panel of the Bluetooth device therefore resulting into road accident if care is not taking.

Another cause which can never be undermine is passenger and driver relationship. I know you are confused with the term passenger and driver relationship. This is the communication between some passengers and the driver on our roads. Naturally, Some passengers like talking too much.

Passengers sometimes don't allow drivers to have peace of mind in driving but worry them with argument and other social issue going on in the country.

I want to say that passengers are also drivers in commercial vehicles therefore we must help the driver to reach our destination peacefully.

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