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Road Accident

27-year-old Pedestrian in critical condition as Gas tanker veers off the motorway knocking her down

I was standing by the road with her, the accident victim in the morning around 6. We were all waiting for a commercial bus to Accra but I had to go back home to allow my child to visit the lavatory. I took 3 minutes and I thought by the time I arrived back from the house to the road again, the woman must have left, but it wasn't so. I saw her standing at the same place I left her before going home. 

She was on the phone and I believe she might have forgotten herself or something. I tried shouting at her but she couldn't hear because of the calls she was making. The tanker hit her from the side before somersaulting into the pit behind her, but we were able to rescue her fast and she is now doing well at the Tema General Hospital, Mrs Betty Abetey said.

Eye witness, Betty Abebety had tried all she could to alert the unnamed accident victim before she was knocked by the Gas Tanker. The tanker belonging to By Grace Lone Gas Services was on its way to Kasoa from Tema when the driver lost the brakes to the long vehicle. The tanker wasn't speeding that much, because if it was, it would have caught fire or something. And the woman would have died on spot, Eyewitness Betty Abebety added. 

The driver of the tanker Nii Ashie Boyle narrated that, his brakes were working fine before setting off from Tema, but it suddenly stopped working when he was almost at the Trasaco Spring junction. It failed when I tried navigating a pothole in the middle of the motorway and that was when I knew the brakes were not responding. I sounded my horns and tried not crashing into any car because of the Gas, so I navigated to the pedestrian road to limit my speed but I lost control and crashed the innocent woman, said the driver of the tanker.

The accident which happened in the morning before 7, caused a lot of traffic on the Trassco Spring junction but MTTU officers from Ashiaman and Tema community 4 were able to redirect the traffic at Trasaco spring junction in other to tow away the tanker. The tanker has been towed to the Ashiaman divisional police command accident centre while the pedestrian is still at the hospital receiving treatment. 

The driver of the tanker and his truck assistant were all doing fine with minor injuries because of the seat belts they were strapped in.

Officer Bramah, an MTTU officer with the Ashiaman Police stated that, brake failures were common mistakes neglected by drivers. It is not easy for a car to fail brakes at a point, but they are machines and anything is possible but I urge all drivers to check their cars very well before hitting the road. These types of accidents can only be prevented if we add some little time checking our brakes every time before driving.

We can't make any possible conclusion until the fire department can give a holistic report on what caused the accident. The driver is alleging brake failure, and that is his words until it is confirmed. We will do everything possible to make sure the case is well investigated so it doesn't happen again, the officer said.

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