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She was just ten years old, yet she was assaulted s3xually

Ghanaian uprising star interview live throws hate to men and the reason she is a lesbian but on a low key .

Angela was her name. She was as beautiful as her name. Her parents never had her time because of one business trip or the other. Today china, tomorrow America, next tomorrow Japan.

She was left in the care of her nanny who would go to pick her after school. Due to get intelligence, she was in Jss 2. She had tried complaining to her parents but no one gave her a listening ear. 

One day, whilst she waited for nanny to come pick her, Mr Adewale her evil mathematics teacher came up to her.

"Mr .Osei-- Angela, You're still in school?".he asked.

"Yes sir, I'm waiting for my nanny to come take he home". She tried innocently..

"You didn't go with the school bus?". He pressed further .

"No sir". She responded.

"Follow me, I have something for you". He said in a commanding tone.

She obliged and followed him to his office. Then Mr Adewale let the devil use him. He took off his shorts, Angela was in awe, then she asked 

" Sir what are you doing?". She asked perplexed.

He forcefully took off get skirt, then get underwear despite get struggles and scream. He inserted guys big man hood in her small passage, blood made way. She screamed and cried, she tried to fight but she was too weak. 

"If you tell anyone about this, I'd kill you and kill myself". He threatened as he zipped up his trousers and licked his lips mischievously.

"Now I'm a lesbian, I hate men, I hate my parents". Angela narrated to me as tears flowed freely down her cheek at the station.

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