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Tamale, snake bite pregnant woman in a bathhouse

This sad incident happened in the northern regional capital, tamale on 26 April 2021 where a pregnant woman went to urinary house to free herself when she had a bite of cobbra snake, the house is around shishegu area near tamale abatoa.

We pray for quick recovery of this innocent life, it was as a result of accumulation of refuse in and around the bathhouse, the nuisance nature of the bathhouse was very terrible, poor sanitation still remains a challenge in the northern part of the country, the snake went to its hide after the incident, residents in the house are now scared to use the bathroom because of the snake, but it was as a result of poor sanitation, let's practice good sanitation to avert health related issues like this.

The woman was sent to West hospital at zogbeli in tamale where she is currently responding to treatment, the husband of the woman was happy with the landlord of the house, according to him, they have paid the landlord to put up a bathhouse to the house, so that everyone can use it, but the landlord took the monies and spend without providing a proper urinary house to the house, the man said he will be leaving that house immediately his wife is back home from the hospital.

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