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Money doubling scam in Ghana.

Money is one of the things that are needed for survival. Because of this, people do what is right to get money. However, there is a dangerous trend evolving in this generation, infact it is already here. People who called themselves as juju men and women plight their trade even on some of our television networks. This act is a source of dangerous that any responsible Ghanaian should be worried about, because of so many reasons.

The show of spiritual powers, particularly money rituals is now a common practice and a competition on our television networks. The most troubling question I always ask myself is why this upsurge in advertisement for the money rituals? Nobody can dispute the fact that, the media are business entities and must make profit to stay in business.

But is it also true that some of the media outlets in Ghana are surrounded with their desire for the profit they would be making, to the total neglect of the distractions that the so call juju men would create. The reliable publicity of these people are getting many people especially the youth to accept this kind of media content. The devastation this would cause, is costly as the youth may develop without critical minds. If this happens the hopes that we nurture daily would be imagiry since people may opt for the easy way.

The present generation has an opportunity to turn things round. However, the challenges that would come on the way could push the young brains to accepting mediocrity. Ghana is blessed with a pool of intellectuals ready to take their own destiny. And this is supportted by the increased demand for higher education. But for this to come into being, there must be deliberate attempt to create the enabling environment to support the thousands of young people who graduate from the universities each year.

The limited opportunities in our country appears to be the impediment especially as the state seems to be helpless although the expression job creation remains the Gospel in the mouths of successive governments. Honestly speaking, the advertisement of money rituals should be limited if not stopped in our media. This practice is very dangerous than arm robbery. Accepting this media content by the public going forward is do not speak well about our country.

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