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Tyron Marghuy Is Intelligent And Way Ahead Of His Age - Saddick Adams

Beforehand, I had never had an encounter with a true Rastafarian all my life. It's the popular opinion and misconceptions about them that had stuck with me from childhood. You didn't even want the slightest indication you're associated with one just to avoid being labelled.

But I have come to learn more in recent days by keenly following this Achimota RastaGate.

They're not you're normal timid and spineless of the ordinary Ghanaian attitude. They're sharp.

They're nonconformists. They're not pushovers. They do not care what others think when they think this is the right thing to do. They are fearless. They are action-oriented and brace up for the outcome and consequences. 

They're highly exposed and self-conscious. Above all, they're not social phobia and do not leave their matter to Jah to fight for them. They fight it.

I cannot for any day imagine myself or any normal Ghanaian JHS Leaver would be able to stand up, engage in a public fight with an institution, excitedly face the media in interviews to brazenly express my views. Tell authorities they're wrong, indeed legally prove they're wrong and at the end of the day, insist I still want to go there. Never did I have this heart at 16. Not even at 30.

I watch that Tyron Marghuy lad and I say damn, I want my son to be able to live like this one day. 

Intelligent, confident, exposed, hard nut and way ahead of his age.

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Rastafarian Tyron Marghuy


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