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I Will Join My Son In The Grave: Mother Declares As Her 12-Year-Old Son Sorrowfully Dies In A Pit.

It all happened one Friday morning in Madina Ofantor when a mother sent her 12-year-old son called Desmond to buy bread to supplement their breakfast. The mother recalled that for several hours her child had not returned home with the bread. So she decided to do herself well by looking for Desmond. After walking some miles away from her house, she saw Desmond's slippers and a bicycle which he took along with him on the way. Confused and mesmerized at the same time, she realized that there was an opened manhole on the walking path and the manhole was such that if you had no idea it was there, you will fall into it. Hearsay has it that, the manhole was done as far back as 2015 and people had warned the landlord who was the brain behind the pit but he did not heed to it.

Looking into the manhole, the mother saw that her son was lying dead in the pit. Immediately, the son was buried that same day. The mother as of now is mentally destabilized as she cannot control herself. Speaking to one of journalists, the Mother said whiles crying sadly, "Desmond.....Desmond.......I will join you".

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Desmond Madina Ofantor


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