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Pray for this boy As He is suffering since He was Born.

Everybody is praying to get a better life to live and also want us to have a peace of mind, positive and little applauding life that is filled with joy and happiness without challenges and problems, but it does not matter that we know that problems and challenges are an important part of life. This gives us experiences, to work hard as a human, helping each other to become more wise and stronger.

The biggest problem that people have is that they hope that they hope to have good lives and not to face problems, but to get a life filled with peace, luxury, comfort. beyond the measurement, satisfaction and more.

But one thing we must keep in mind is that if we always wish peace and a successful life without problems or challenges, the sky is the only place that can give us this peace and comfort.

With pain in my heart, a feeling of optimism is my goal, a song on my lips, an empathy in my veins, I write to explore, to lift, to educate, to inform and to hit the Door of your problems to make you know more in this world we are living.

Meet the beautiful family of two who were happy to have soon a baby who could be an emblem of joy at their new home and erase memories of loneliness of life they wish to have.

Daniel, the mother of the small boy was sent to the hospital, at the hospital until then that she finally gave birth.

Unfortunately, doctors have become shocked, families have become worried and friends were empty of words because they saw the condition with which the newborn came from the uterus.

Emmanuel, the father of the small old baby denied with a forever skin condition that causes the little boy too much pain and discomfort make him cry all night.

"Many people have said a lot about my daughter, they said it was a poison, a spirit, a curse beyond the resolution among others ..." - The poor mother Daniel said that Afrimax TV in an interview.

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