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Can This Improve Ghana's Drainage System?

Residents pile refuse near the roadsides to avoid flooding in most low-lying areas, ostensibly to construct levees, but stormwater runoff brings refuse and other solid wastes into the drainage systems, diminishing their potential and posing significant health and environmental hazards to residents.

The wind will also help this process by blowing garbage into drainage channels, clogging them up. The impact of solid waste has taken on a new dimension as a result of the increased use of plastics as packaging material, cans, bottles, and other containers. Flooding occurs when these materials, as well as other debris, accumulate in drainage channels.

Although garbage may clog channels and cause overflow, one school of thought contends that it acts as a retention dam in the upper water basin, allowing the lower basin to drain.

Accra is planning, designing, and building new drains to address the drainage channels' hydraulic deficiencies. The drainage master plan must include newly developed areas. The drainage plan shown below can also be used.

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