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Road Accident

Finale causes of road accidents in Ghana

A traffic accident in Ghana is killing innocent Ghanaians. The cause of this disaster is always different from one angle to another. This study was conducted to provide timely information on the factors that led to road accidents in Ghana. The research draws on previous work on the causes and effects of traffic accidents. In addition, the research uses a hybrid comprehensive approach to research, mainly to generate unbiased information. A large amount of data has been collected through in-depth interviews and questionnaire surveys. In addition, convenient and simple random sampling techniques are used.

Both qualitative and quantitative methods are used to analyze the information collected. The study used 100 road safety stakeholders and 100 road users as the sample size and involved two hundred (200) respondents. In addition, the main causes of traffic accidents are the following: bad nature of the road, carelessness of road users, vehicle breakdown, high pressure, unqualified drivers, insufficient road signs, the inefficiency of MTTU staff, excess speed, lack of education, drunkenness, and gravity. discipline violations. Other findings are; Driver: hurried driving, violation of rules, ignorance of signs, fatigue. Pedestrians: Careless, illiterate, crossing the road in the wrong place, Jaywalkers. Passenger: Stretch out of the car and talk to the driver. Vehicles: brake or steering failure, broken tires, insufficient headlights, overload, output load.

Road conditions: potholes, broken roads, eroded roads,s, and rural roads merge. Weather conditions: fog, snow, heavy rain, storm, hail. Based on the survey results, recommendations were made under the following headings; education, provision of road signs, observance of traffic laws and road safety, attitudes distractions avoiding road accidents, availability of logistics, construction of good roads, maintenance of roads and vehicles, and Active development.

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