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A Man Took A Shivering Bird Into His Apartment To Warn-Up, See What Happened After The Warm-up

A young man took to his Twitter handle this morning to narrate how he saved a bird from dying. The young man said it rained at his residence. He came out of his apartment and noticed a bird shivering in the gutter water, almost dying from the cold.

Photo credit:Damoola

He said he brought the bird out of the water and took it inside his home to warm up. After a few hours, he thought the bird had warmed up and took it outside to fly back to its destination, but what the bird did surprised him greatly.

He said when he opened his palm for the bird to fly, the bird refused to fly. He said he tried again, but the bird still refused to fly from his palm. Furthermore, he is looking for an interpretation. What It means for a bird to refuse to fly from your palm, Could it mean that this bird is an evil bird, or could it mean that this man's good deeds have turned against him? 

Photo credit:Damoola

He seeks your advice, so please comment. Why is the bird not flying, and did this man make a mistake by rescuing this small bird?

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