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The Teenage Girl Who Hasn’t Been Able To Eat Food For 10 Years… Find Out What Happened.

This teenage girl has not been able to eat for over ten years after her intestines were ripped out of her body during a horrific swimming pool accident.

Salma Bashir still chews food at home so she can taste her mum's cooking, but she has to spit it back out into a plastic bag.

While on holiday with her family in Egypt with her family, Salma went to play in the baby pool. A horrific swimming pool accident happened which left this teenager without her intestines and unable to eat food for the last 10 years. When she was five years old, Salma Bashir was playing in a baby swimming pool in Alexandria, Egypt. She sat on the pool’s suction valve and the force was so strong that it ripped her small intestines from her body. Salma recalled: “I was just swimming all of a sudden, I just sat on it by accident. "I know the lifeguard tried to pull me out and he couldn't because the suction was so much. “My dad tried to pull me out. And then I know a couple of people finally were able to get me out, and when I was taken out, it was so traumatic.”

Given just weeks to live Salma’s parents travelled with their young family to Pennsylvania, USA for a life-saving surgery. She had the surgery that her family believed would be the start of the rest of Salma’s life. Instead the small intestines transplant rejected and after six months it had to be removed along with Salma’s large intestines and gallbladder.

Her stomach also had to remain open. Her stomach is still an open wound which needs dressing every day. She said: “My stomach was open so bad, we could literally see my insides. It's healing slowly. "But now it's not getting healed anymore. It’s filled with tissue, so thankfully you can't really see insides or anything, but it's leaking 24/7.” Because of that, she is home-schooled and needs a wheelchair to get around.

Salma now wears a Total Parental Nutrition bag (TPN tube), which is hooked up to her body and gives her all the necessary nutrients she needs for growth and development.

Doctors have warned the family that if Salma needs another transplant, she would have to have five organs replaced: small intestines, large intestines, liver, stomach and pancreas.

Despite her condition, that's not stopping Salma from trying to live life as fully as possible. Salma has a makeup tutorial Facebook account called "Slay with Salma", which has attracted over 56,000 followers. Salma is now 16 and she spends her time blogging online and raising awareness of her condition. She uses this platform to escape her daily pain and discomfort.

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