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Policeman returns Ghc200 mobile money bribe.

The police system in Ghana is one that is mostly accused of receiving money from drivers. Despite the enormous efforts the police put in place to protect us, bribery has alway been associated with them.

News reaching us is that a police man has returned a 200 Ghana Cedi that was sent to him in the form of bribe to person who sent it.

The bribe was returned to the person after that person threaten to put it on social media if the police man fails to refund the money to him. According to reports the traveller was from and was striped by the police to inspect his car. After the inspection it came down to the point where he needed to pay something. He was not having cash on him so he paid through mobile money.

The man after reaching his destination made it known to the police officer to return the money or else will publish it on social media.The regional police commander of the Bono East region was compelled to send the money that was received by one of his boys.

Source: Ghanaweb

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