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A manager drove a beggar out of the restaurant and was surprised after he found out who the man was

A resident of the Spanish city Don Monterio was a very wealthy man and owned a group of restaurants in his city. Both in the centre of and the outskirts of the city. Once the man was examined by a doctor and was told that he was seriously ill, cancer at a very advanced stage, pain and his liver has long been his constant companion.

But the man did not have time to go to the doctor. The terrible diagnosis left him with no chance. The man decided that in his last month he will improve the lives of those people who is not a wealthier bit. Don Monterio came up with an interesting plan, he put on beggars clothes and set goal of going around his restaurant to check how kind and humble his employees are. What awaited him made the respectable man cry.

The most famous restaurant in Spain was the first on his way. Before the beggar could get on the threshold, the manager shouted at him, get out of here immediately, but l am very angry I just wanted to eat Don Monterio said calmly. Go and wash yourself first and put on nice clothes the manager told the beggar, and only then you can come in and eat. People like you do not belong here.

Don Monterio stopped in amazement, he devoted a lot of time and effort in the development of his restaurant and tried to make them democratic, acceptable to people of any standards. The owner has insisted that the employees should treat all visitors with respect whether they are rich or poor.

The disguise beggar was not in a hurry to leave the institution deep inside him, he believed that one of the employees will show a little bit of attention for the beggar, but Bennie was even worse, the chef rushed out then shouted and ordered the beggar to go to the back I have thrown a waste I am sure you have not tasted this kind of food before he said.

A guard approached the elderly man and sent him away. Don Monterio did not immediately come to his senses he refused to believe his eyes and ears. With a heavy heart the owner headed to the Chuk City park to his next restaurant. Even at the entrance the waitress stopped him and called the manager. Get out of here said the manager we will not give you anything here.

Then the beggar said, he used to come in to eat at all the time and communicated with the owner of but now his business has failed the bank has taken all he had. If you tell the owner he will know who l am Monterio said. The manager replied I am the owner of this restaurant, you get out of here now. The second unsuccessful attempt to eat in the restaurant in disguise of a beggar made Monterio upset.

He said that is it possible that all my employees treat poor people like. He again walked to the third restaurant the oldest of all. His partner named Rosio has position of chief assistant there. Monterio considered him a reliable person and trusted him as he trusted himself. They together developed the a number of restaurants when they opened the first one.

The restaurant was full of visitors. The beggar quietly walked went straight to the counter where Rosio worked. Please give me some food, the beggar said quietly I have not eaten anything for so long. The assistant looked him over, the owner was afraid that he will recognize him but he didn't. He told Monterio sorry but this is not a free canteen for beggars you will have to leave before I call the guards.

Please give me one piece of bread the disguised man said, why am banished from everywhere like as an outcast. I thought you will treat people well looking at your outfit. the manager said a decent client always comes to us not someone like you. Shame on you Monterio said you do not know anything about me I was a rich businessman but I lost everything.

The manager said I have spent half of my life raising up this restaurant. The owner always treats the poor people well and always wish his business did not fail but not he is seriously illness in little time and I will own this restaurant no one. Looking for food at the restaurant is not a good advice. Came Monterio came out of the restaurant very sad the worst thing was that he trusted Rosio very well.

He headed towards the last restaurant, this place is really beautiful and there always a lot of people at the restaurant. He entered and guard approached him, asked him what he wanted and Monterio told I am hungry I beg give me a piece of bread. The guard called the manager to come to the door to meet the beggar. The manager asked him, what can I do for you, then Monterio told him that he is hungry. The manager felt sorry and told him to wait he will bring some food for him.

The beggar waited for an hour and half, Monterio figured out he was not allowed in the restaurant. He walked away but the manager runs after him since his foods was ready. Going inside the owner could not believe his eyes in a nice corner there was a table with different kinds of food and drinks. The manager helped the poor man sit down and offered him food.

The manager's name was Mathew, said that he has been working in the restaurant for one year now, he was a prosperous man and they had an accident, they lost everything. He wandered on the streets until he came to the restaurant to beg for food, the manager offered him job at the restaurant. The manager told Monterio to come the next day and he will offered him a job.

That night Monterio did not sleep at all. In the morning he invited all the staff at his restaurants. On purpose he was a little bit late and again in the form of a beggar. When they saw him they were angry only the employees of the last restaurant were not angry. They directed him to the kitchen.

Then the owner called the manager of the last restaurant to the kitchen, Monterio washed his makeup but still in the form of a beggar, the appearance of Monterio made them surprised. He said all managers and employees at his restaurants are fired except the last restaurant. He will appoint employees at the Mathew's restaurant as the managers of his restaurants.

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