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Sad: Police attacked by irate workers over poor condition of service [Details]

The Ghana Police Service for some time now have been working tirelessly to clamp down law breakers and also restore peace and harmony. There are a lot of sanity and diverse changes as they respond to any distress call within a twinkle of an eye. An incident has happened in Assin-Fosu in the Central Region of Ghana. According to the reportage that was sighted on United Television, some workers who are constructing Kumasi-Assin Fosu stretch decided to demonstrate over poor condition of service.

In their demonstration, the police went there to calm down the ongoing chaos. The angry workers then clash with the police which led one of the officers injured. The actual reason of the demonstration was that, the Ghanaian foreman who was taking care of the work has been cheating them. Cheating in the sense that anytime they are been paid from above, the foreman will deduct some of the monies from their salary before giving them a very small amount which they see to it as a chicken change. They were then calling on the management to allow the white man of the company to pay them directly instead of giving to the black foreman before reaching them.

It is not clear whether their plight were not resolved by the management to their satisfaction leading to the demonstration or there was something different. In an attempt of the Assin Fosu police command to restore calm, these irate workers overpowered them until they made a distress call for other officers to help them. The workers started throwing stones and sticks which hit the chest of an officer. They also pulled him down leading to stampede as some trampled on him. Calm has been restored at the moment but the injured officer has been sent to the hospital for medical treatment.

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