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Good Citizen: Mother Single Handedly Cleans Gutter To Avoid Flood During This Rainy Season.

We can all agree to the fact that Ghana's drainage system isn't exactly world-class. The disaster at Kwame Nkrumah Circle six years ago, which killed many people and ruined property, was caused by clogged gutters around the country. Because of the irresponsible behavior of some uncaring residents in the country, gutters have become clogged in several locations across the country.

The government-deployed military personnel restored some rationality to the surroundings during the Covid-19 lockdown days. If something like this could be repeated on a regular basis, I feel the country's drainage would improve.

There are some good citizens in the country who are contributing to the country's well-being rather than simply being regular citizens. As the rainy season approaches, a woman was seen on Facebook single-handedly clearing clogged gutters in front of her house to allow free flow of water. She was spotted digging in the drains with a shovel, putting things back in order.

May God bless her for considering the country's needs. The development of the country will be successful if we have more people like her in the country.

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Good Citizen Kwame Nkrumah Circle


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