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Woman caught on camera stealing offertory at church [watch full video]

The end time is indeed near. Activities that are least expected to least take place in certain places are happening exactly in such places. The church speaks strongly against substandard acts such as stealing, fornication, verbal abuse, murder, etc. It is therefore not expected of any church goer to engage in any of these acts, whether inside or out of the church. This article is about a woman who was caught on camera stealing the offerings of the members of her church.

According to sources, the act has been going on for sometime now. The pastor of the church noticed an imbalance in the ratio of the number of people who offer money in the church to the actual money the accountants present after each service.

He then decided to mount a secret camera in the room where the money is being counted. In the video which is currently trending on social media, the alleged thief was handed a laundry basket full of money by a man in robe. She pored all the content of the basked on the floor and started sorting them out.

She peeped out to see if someone is looking at her. Once the coast was clear, she picked some of the money, crumpled it and placed it under her 'breast'. Information on the aftermath of the incident is not known, however, it can be said that the cup of the suspected thief had gotten full on that day.

Follow the link below to watch the full video:

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