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I'm going to expose you: American clashes with a man who was going to kill a dog and eat [Details]

Every society has its own culture and tradition that can't be underestimated in any way. In the Western world, intentional killing of animals is highly prohibited. One can be sent to court even when the animal is killed unintentional. A video has been sighted on social media showing an American who was exchanging words with a Ghanaian who was going to kill a dog.

It is not actually known what brought about the argument but you could hear him very angry because of how the man has tied the dog and put in his armpit. I am sure someone disclosed to the white man that he is going to kill the dog and use it to prepare meals. All you could hear is exchange of words from the camp of these two men.

The American upon realising the man was going to kill the dog saw it to be disgusting because those kind of things don't occur in his country. If it was to be in America the man would have been in court for trials or languishing in jail by now. The way and manner he was talking, you could see that he was really angry and sad as the same time for what he saw. The "dog-killer' who also looks unperturbed told the white he doesn't care about what he is doing or saying.

"So you disrespected me and you are going to kill this dog and eat. This poor dog has a soul you know. Now I'm going to make you popular and I will tell everyone that you are going to kill the dog and eat it", these are the words that came from him.

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