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Brave Heart: When Zanetor Rawlings Flew An Airplane.

Whether we like it or not, there is a great level of privilege of being the child of the President of a country. The exposure and experience starts right from the beginning. From getting your own security detail to getting the best of education. No matter how populist a leader may be, the constant security threats he faces and that of his family can never be underestimated, for that reason, even if such a person wants to do things the way the everyday people do their things, it will not be possible. Just imagine the head of state of a country joining public transport for his movement, he becomes an easy target and a sitting duck. So on this score, the perks that come with such a status is more like mandatory.

There are other privileges though, such people enjoy by virtue of having easy access to them unlike the ordinary person.

They come into easy contact with phenomenal people of influence and power which easily rubs off them. There are other perks which are more luxurious in nature. Such personalities enjoy the best that life has got to offer. Expensive education, exclusive trips and vacations and so on.

Dr. Zanetor Rawlings, daughter of the late leader of Ghana , Flt. Lt. Jerry Rawlings got the opportunity to learn how to fly an airplane at a very young age. It is an open secret that the former President was so passionate about flying, especially military aircrafts. It was therefore not surprising that he trained his daughter to be able to fly on her own.

She recounted how on one occasion, after flying around with her father for a while, he stepped off the aircraft and made her fly on her own without any assistance ,even though she was very scared.

It takes a brave heart to do that and it seems, the former president transferred that trait to his daughter, who is also able to jump from aircraft with a parachute.

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Brave Heart Zanetor Rawlings


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