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The Kiss of life - Heroes still exist

Randall champion touched a high-voltage line by accident, electrifying himself and halting his heart. J. D. Thompson, a fellow lineman, did mouth-to-mouth CPR until paramedics arrived. Champion made it out alive. "The Kiss of Life" is the name given to this renowned photograph (1967). Rocco Morabito took the photo.

Nowadays, we still have heroes.

Are they sports champions who have led a team to an award-winning season, or are they an Olympian who has won gold?

Is your idol a movie or television star who wins prizes for his or her performances, or a musician who performs for thousands of shouting fans in sold-out stadiums?

Perhaps your hero is a CEO of a huge corporation who keeps profit margins high for investors, a politician who has served the public well for multiple periods, or a religious leader who has guided many people on their spiritual journey.

While many people in all of these professions inspire and raise our expectations of ourselves and others to new heights, labeling them as "heroes" isn't always appropriate.

Select a Hero

Who deserves to be dubbed a "hero"?

A teacher who volunteers his or her time to assist a troubled student.

Oprah Winfrey is an American television personality and philanthropist.

A fireman who puts his or her life on the line to save another person.

Jon Bon Jovi is an actor and a music star.

A soldier who puts his or her life on the line to protect others.

Steve Jobs is a technology pioneer and the CEO of a well-known corporation.

A police officer who puts his or her own life on the line to defend others.

Professional football player Emit Smith

So, how do you tell the difference between a true hero and someone who is simply an icon, an idol, a mentor, or a role model? And why is it vital to nitpick about this?

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