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Road Accident

Death trap road from Juapong to Adidome

First this road is ruff road but under construction ,the road connect to so many towns and village through the bank of river volta to Sogakope.

This road is death trap because now that they are constructing the road ,they are alot of accident happening each and everyday on the road ,motors and cars accident is common on the road from the starting of the road more than 80 cars crashed and about 30 motors crashed on the road.

More people are dead and some are disability people now, the drivers who use the road everyday are calling the Highways Authorities to come and supervisor the road , they said they can't take this any more from the contractor.

The contractor must finished the road for them.the four major points where this accident occurred always is the shape carvi at Avegame, Atigonu bridge, Yietikpo carvi and in between Volo to Ngolekpa.

The farmers around the road transport their foodstuff to market though this road.

They are so many death trap on the road, those trap are the courses of the accident on the road, the contractor have to put road signs at the various place to indicate the points of trap because those involving in the accident some use the road always but some don't use it before that is they are first time.

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