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[Video] Trouble Looms For 6 Year Old Boy As Father Catches Him Watching Blue Films

With the introduction of social media, almost everything that goes on across the globe can be easily seen. If care is not taken, the least thing you do you go viral. Some people go viral for the good reasons while some people go viral for the wrong reasons.

These days, children of this generation have become so eager and curious that they most of the time end up bringing troubles upon themselves. Curiosity they say, killed the cat. Since most children begin to watch telenovas at quite tender ages, they end up trying to practice whatever they see in these telenovas.

Some of these children even know more about technology than their own parents. The can be watching videos they are not meant to watch but would be able to clear them from their phones, laptops or computers within the quickest possible time without their parents noticing. Most of these children are very smart, others are not.

These days, some children as young as 6 years of age tend to be watching blue films, engage in masturbating and a whole lot of unhealthy behaviors. There is a viral video of a 6 year old boy trending on social media platforms.

In the video going viral, it is alleged that a six (6) year old boy was caught watching blue films. This young boy was caught by his own father. Trying to act smart, he quickly switched from what he was watching but it was too late. Knowing what he has been watching isn't meant for children, he smartly named the folder in such a manner that no one would think that such a folder contains adult films.

Immediately his father caught him in the act, he asked him to go back and open the file. As scared as he was but being obedient enough, he opened the folder and lo and behold, the videos showed everything.

This has sparked a lot of reactions from people. Most of them are blaming the kind of movies these young children watch. What can you also say?

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