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EXPOSED: Manasseh Azure Exposes A Quack Doctor Who Abuses His Female Clients Sexually

In a recent exposé by one of the top investigative journalists in the country, Manasseh Azure Awuni of The Fourth Estate, A Doctor who usually abuses his female clients have been exposed. The exposé video reveals how a licensed health practitioner in Ghana’s capital, Accra, used his facility and practice as bait to sexually assaulting scores of women who went there seeking treatment.

Apart from his unprofessional and criminal conduct, “Dr” Jonathan Ohene Nkunim and his facility, Nature’s Hand Therapeutic Centre, also had three licenses from a state regulatory agency that is charged with the power to sanitise practitioner’s like him.

The investigation reveals the dubious process through which Ohene Nkunim acquired the licenses and the role of regulatory officials in that.

In the documentary titled "The Licensed Sex Predator", a woman whose face and name are currently withheld testifies that she has been a victim of the doctor's dubious act.

Talking to Manasseh Azure in the video, the woman said she is married and having problems with conceiving, and for that matter, a friend introduced her to the doctor and since she is in desperate need of a child, she did not wait much longer to get to the clinic. According to her, the doctor's diagnostic methods were strange and far different from what most doctors do.

The woman narrated that after the diagnosis has come to an end, the doctor told her that she has a problem with her cervix and he the doctor is capable of fixing the problem for her which she has agreed to. The woman said, the doctor asked her husband to make her aroused for the cervix to open but the place was not conducive for her husband to make her aroused. In the process of fixing the problem with her cervix, the doctor started inserting something like a probe which she don't know what into her vagina. According to the woman, the doctor later sent her husband to get an ice block. After her husband left, the doctor started playing with her sexually which made her aroused but the doctor could not "chop" her on that day.

After the encounter with the doctor, the doctor started sending messages to her that he likes her. Since he is a doctor, the woman does not say a word about the doctor making some advances on her. Upon a visit to his place one day, the doctor had his way and had sex with her. Watch the full video through the link provided below.


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