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Joyce Dzidzor Discloses How She Beat Up Policemen For Trying To Take Away Her Daughter

It has always been known that the most crucial moment in a person's life when they need people around them is the moment they are hit by certain unbearable illness.

Joyce Dzidzor is a Ghanaian and a mother of two who got named an ambassador to HIV/AIDS after she tested positive to the disease.

Lucky for her, her two kids, a boy and a girl tested negative after they were also checked to be sure they were not affected with their mother's plight.

In cases of this sort, we know the victims undergo serious stigmatization which is the reason why most of them get easily depressed and from history, it has been realised that most deaths that occurred in this situation were as a result of uncomfortable series of depression.

Joyce, now the former ambassador to HIV/AIDS has disclosed in a video on social media that, recently when she had some sort of depression, some medicine were sent to her and she took them. After that, she is said to have fallen fast asleep.

According to her, she stated clearly that before she fell asleep, she was having a conversation with some 'social' people and upon awaking, she realized her little girl Bella, was not around her.

She quickly made enquiries and realized that the girl was with these same people she was conversing with before falling asleep, playing together on a nearby park.

She quickly rushed to the place to get her daughter, but upon arrival, they refused to hand over her daughter to her.

From what she said, she mounted a number of blows on the people and all of a sudden heard the Cyrene of a police car, implying they had come for her.

According to her, she gave the policemen too the strongest beatings of their life and went away with her daughter peacefully.

She is expressing her appreciation to all who have been so contributive to her life in diverse ways. Most especially those who keep encouraging her to stay happy and strong.

Meanwhile, she states that her children are very much important to her and she'll need us all to there for them if she gets weak and can no longer do anything on her own.

Please click on the link below to watch the video:

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