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An Unfortunate Incident on a Special Occasion

Holidays are great time to take a rest from our daily routine and reflect especially when it is a religious observation. However occasions like this is sometimes marred with regrettable incidents.

Today we heard reports of a 16 year old boy being shot and killed in Aboabo No. 2 a suburb of Kumasi, the Ashanti regional capital. The sad incident occured after the usual prayers to mark the Eid ul Adha celebrations.

Reports say the young boy was hit by a stray bullet when a group of boys began shooting in celebration to mark the Eid ul Adha festival. This incident could have been easily prevented.

Sometimes we hear of young boys sustaining serious injuries while engaging in motor bike stunts on bust roads.

Others deliberately engage in careless driving and all sorts of things just to celebrate.

The question I ask myself is, can't we just celebrate without breaking the laws?

Reports of casualties during festivities in this country is becoming a norm. Celebrations should be happy moments and not otherwise. This behaviours should be checked immediately to prevent future occurrence.

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