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Millions Are Made From Agbogbloshie, But It's The Most Toxic Place On Earth

Agbogbloshie is an industial area in Accra. It is the second largest e-waste processing area in West Africa. It houses a massive electronic-waste recycling dump.E-waste contain toxic chemicals. These chemicals are into the environment when the electronics are broken down, burned and processes.

Used technological products like washing machines, refrigerators, microwave ovens, vehicles, cell phones and computers are brought from different parts of the world to this area. This has made Agbogbloshie the most toxic place on earth. Workers engage in all sort of practices most of which are dangerous to their health. Some burn plastics off their wires in order to get at the valuable copper inside. This contributes to air, soil and water pollution which in affect the health of the people in the long run. The inhabitants in the area can inhale toxic fumes and suffer from respiratory diseases.

Finding a safe and better way to deal with e-waste and second-hand electricals is a challenge both for developed and developing countries. People also like to buy second hand products because they are cheap.

Due to the levels of heavy metals such as lead, iron, chromium, cadmium, and mercury present within e-waste products, they are not safe and therefore need to be handled well. Companies and individuals that transport and handle electronic waste products must be regulated. 

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Agbogbloshie West Africa.


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